TEECHERS – Update, Posters, and Tickets

Teechers Update

With just over three weeks to go, rehearsals are positive and the energy in the cast is palpable.  This will be a fast paced and modern comedy with a message.  While there is a lot on in the village the third week in November, please find the time to take in a performance.


Attached to this post and shown below is a poster which we have placed around the village and onto our Facebook page and Twitter account.  FOr those of you on social media, please download it, copy it and post it yourself.  Publicity is key.


Remember that tickets are already available online (see this post).  You can book directly, request tickets (if you enrol in SEATY – our ticket host), or simply email SBADS with a request for performance and which seats.  The latter two methods ensure maximum revenue for SBADS.  Members will receive their ticket discount whatever method they choose.

BOOK now – tickets are already being sold online.  The traditional in village Box Office will open 6 November – see the posters for full details.