Gaslight – 8 Weeks to Go … Save the Dates

“Precisely that, Mrs. Manningham .

      Your husband.

          You see, I am afraid you are married to a tolerably dangerous gentleman.”

Weird happenings have been under way in the Manningham household.  Personal things are going missing, strange noises can be heard from the flat above, and the gas lamps dim at odd hours of the evening. Her husband’s insistence that she must be imagining these things and misplacing the objects herself leaves Bella terrified and uneasy. But just as she begins to doubt her own sanity, a watchful detective arrives to raise questions about the man Bella calls her husband.  Set in a flat in  1880s London and adapted into two films, Gaslight is a classic psychological thriller which has been an audience favourite since its première in 1938.

Our production dates are 17-19 May and online booking will open soon.  Save the dates