“Gaslight” First Read Through / Taster Audition


The first opportunity to scope the script, read through some of the key moments and get a feel for the parts will be this coming Saturday 17th February in the Upper Room at the Oak in South Brent at 7:30pm.

We need to find two male parts (speaking) and three female parts, as well as (ultimately) two male short non speaking parts.

So far we have (apart from the Director) one interested male actor, and two female… but it would be great to have choice so – open to all – come and look there’s no obligation and nothing to lose :).

A new member who’s keen to build sets will also join us so come and make him feel welcome!!

Please email (if not already) if you’d like to join us… we may get some nibbles if there’s enough of us…


See also our SEATY booking page (not yet active)