Death by Design – Call for Props

As rehearsals gather pace and the first sounds of hammer and saw arrive this week on the set, we are casting our net wide for props for our thirties-set whodunit.

If you have, or know anyone who has any of the following, particularly if they are – or could be – 1930s style then please contact SBADS via the contact page and let us know and a friendly member will leap round to borrow it when the time is right.  All major prop loans will be acknowledged in the programme.  Props which are crossed out have now been found.  This page will update as, hopefully, the list diminishes.


On Stage
Two chairs and a sofa (3-4 piece) circa 1930s style
Occasional chair
Dressing table with at least one drawer
Drinks trolley and cocktail makers / soda syphon / ice bucket / tongs / cocktail glasses / highball glasses
Small coffee table
Gramophone and 78 rpm records (including an instrumental waltz)
Lamp standard
Table lamp
Hat stand
Mirror on the wall

“In Hand”

feather duster
Vial for potion
Daily mail 1930s
Garden basket & secateurs
Lettuce leaves !
Telephone – Bakelite?
Chocolate box
Tea tray