STAGE STRUCK – thoughts of a first-time SBADS actress

Jane Acton, a newcomer to SBADS,  penned these thoughts while waiting to go on stage at the dress rehearsal of SBADS’ recent production of the dark thriller Gaslight:

Dress Rehearsal

Fed up with the old routine and want to try something different? SBADS must surely be the shining star to watch in the village if you are looking for something new to do, want to make a statement about world affairs, with a great bunch of people and best of all have a huge amount of fun!. For nearly a hundred years SBADS have been making new ideas come to life with one of the best resourced theatrical wardrobe departments and set stores for miles around.

I am new to the area and wanted to meet people. I had given up drama at school and never been on a stage to act, but I like pretending and performing so thought I would give it a go, so I joined online. First I was invited to free pizza in the village to meet everyone, then we went off in packed cars to see other productions. I helped out Cathie and Val a bit on the next production with the wardrobe, and loved seeing
the words come off the page and into life.

I have just played my first ever role in a work with content I feel strongly about – as a servant (that made my family laugh when they found out!). The best part of the whole experience was working with a small effective team, led calmly and supportively by John (Gower). Everyone has been kind and welcoming from the off.

There are other roles and activities in SBADS including monthly play readings and set design. It might all be make-believe but there is a real purpose in communicating ideas and also keeping the community alive. So if you want to meet new friends from all walks of life, take a break from the old routine. Who knows who you might become!

It’s not all hard work….

(with thanks to the Parish Magazine which first published this)