SBADS Privacy Policy updated for GDPR

As I am sure everyone is only too aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) became law today (25th May)  throughout the EU.  Whatever the result of BREXIT negotiations all of this has been or will be enshrined in UK law.

Like every other organisation which collects and stores personal data, over the last few months the Committee has examined, agreed and expanded SBADS’ privacy policy to remain compliant with the new laws while ensuring the policy remains proportionate to our size and needs.

Members need do nothing, as for an organisation like SBADS the effect of GDPR is minimal and this is why we have not added another GDPR email to your inbox.  We protect your data,we do not share it, and we only use it in ways you would expect (i.e. to communicate matters relating to SBADS to you).

If you want to read the revised policy in detail you can do so through the website here.