Monthly Play Reading Report – 27 March – I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

A small group of 8 members gathered in the back dining room of the Oak last Tuesday evening, 27th March, to read through and discuss the play by Peter Colley, “I’ll Be Back Before Midnight”A thriller with more than a hint of farce if not done right, it proved an enjoyable couple of hours fun, exploring the characters and the plot as well as the directions and setting of the playwright.

Although the primary objective of these readings is to have some relaxed fun with a previously unknown or little known play, we also looked at whether it would make a good future project for SBADS.  In this play’s case we thought it might be better as a rehearsed reading with the copious stage directions narrated, or equally a “radio play”.

If you are interested in joining future monthly readings, then look at the Events Diary page and await the email asking for you to respond; you will need to be a member to receive the invitation email.  If you would like to lead one of the readings then please email the Chairman at

     We hope to see you there