Audition – Casting Call – “Death by Design”

Audition for Cast:  

Next Sunday, 12th March at 6 pm, in the Stansbury Room at the Village Hall.  If you’d like to be involved but can’t be there, please contact us using the links on the top right of this page.

The Cast

BRIDGIT                                 a maid; Irish, crabby, warm-hearted, fifties
JACK                                         a chauffeur; Cockney, charming, clever, twenties
EDWARD BENNETT         a playwright; urbane, vain, thirties/forties
SOREL BENNETT               an actress; glamorous, daffy, thirties/forties
WALTER PEARCE              a politician; stiff, conservative, thirties/forties
ERIC                                          a radical; emphatic, fiery, twenties
VICTORIA VAN ROTH     a Bohemian; intense, artistic, any age
ALICE                                       a visitor; sweet, shy, twenties