Local director looking for male actor

Please see the note below received for an actor for a forthcoming production in Chudleigh Knighton.  The rehearsals will all be in Chudleigh.

I hope you don’t mind me asking but I wondered if you might be interested or know someone interested in joining a cast for my next show which is called Le Coq Au VinIt’s basically a musical comedy, that is a play with a few songs thrown in.
The part I’m thinking of is a chap called Oskar Petrovnik who is the proprietor of a hotel with a knowing, somewhat suave demeanour. It’s a relatively small part of 48 lines but I ‘m thinking it’s a good cameo role. Don’t worry if you feel singing is not your strong point; Rex Harrison style would be fine. 
The production week is 10-13th June and I’ve booked a village hall in Chudleigh Knighton. We’re due to get going with rehearsals fairly soon on Wednesdays where I live in Chudleigh. Sorry about the short notice.
If anyone at all interested I can send you the script and you can decide if it’s your sort of thing or not. You can find more information on <www.arnehouse.webs.com>.
I look forward to hear from any connected to the South Brent Players (sic) , that I might contact would be very helpful
All the best,
Peter Whittle
Anyone interested please contact Peter direct on peterjwhittle7@gmail.com