Where can you find 1,500 pictures of SBADS?

In the SBADS on-line archive! We’ve reached the milestone of adding over one-and-a-half thousand images to our on-line database of our past productions in South Brent.

There are photos from 1945 onwards, programmes and posters galore, plus a searchable directory of almost everyone who’s ever taken part in – or helped out at – a SBADS production. As well as providing an insight into South Brent’s highly-regarded drama society, we hope that there will be things that surprise, amaze or entertain you in the archive.

Our archives stretch back nearly 100 years, and it takes quite a lot of time to scan, catalogue and upload the contents, so it’s not a complete record yet: but we’re gradually working our way through several boxes of archive material.

You can view the archive at www.sbadsarchive.co.uk.